Yesil Health

Yesil Health

Yesil Health is a GPT-enabled AI-powered health assistant that uses personalized responses to address queries about one’s health. On a variety of subjects, including health symptoms, diet and nutrition, skincare, mental health, lab results, chronic illnesses, exercise, and women’s health, it provides information and suggestions. It intends to offer dependable AI-powered assistance and has the support of medical staff. It is crucial to keep in mind that the tool is experimental and that the information provided determines how accurate it is. It is not meant to be used to analyze medical images or diagnostic tools, and it should not take the place of expert medical judgment. When analyzing the results and making clinical judgments, healthcare professionals should exercise their own judgment. Despite ongoing improvements, the tool may still produce outputs that are insufficient or inaccurate. Start your health journey by chatting with Yesil AI.

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