Query Kitty

Query Kitty

Query Kitty is an AI-powered Chrome extension that enables users to ask questions across the web, turn found content into a social growth engine, write emails, help with sheets and code better. It also allows for users to save personal prompts for quick access.

It is available for Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox and other chromium-based browsers. It is offered as a lifetime licence at a one-time purchase of $9.

Get real work done using ChatGPT by accessing it on top of documents, PDFs, Word docs, articles, YouTube videos, or anything on the web using our Query Kitty Chrome extension.

Take the pain out of writing prompts
Writing prompts can often be time-consuming and stressful to create. But, procrastination is a thing of the past with our vast collection of pre-written, meticulously tested AI characters and prompts.

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