Parsio AI

Parsio AI

Parsio AI is an AI-powered document parser that can extract data automatically. Parsio uses machine learning to extract structured data from  PDFs, Excel, CSV, emails, HTML, and XML files.

Parsio offers the following:

  • Post-processing and integration with Slack
  • Shopify, and loads of other apps natively including Zapier.

This means you can do things like automatically creating Google Sheets or Airtable records from parsed documents.

Parsio Use Cases And Features

  • You can extract data from PDF files such as invoices, receipts, business cards, ID documents, and more
  • You can also extract structured data from emails
  • You can easily Parse files and documents and export in real time to up to 6000+ apps

Parsio Pricing Plans

  • Sandbox Plan: You get 30 Credits/Month forever for trying how Parsio works

  • Starter Plan: $41/month which will give you 1000 Credits/month

  • Growth Plan: $124/month which will give you 5000 Credits/month
  • Business Plan: $249/month which will give you 12000 Credits/month
  • If you need a bigger plan you need to contact parsio by email:


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