Merlin is a free Open AI’s ChatGPT-powered extension that can be used to take dull internet experiences from drab to fab. Merlin helps users master complex Excel formulas and codes, write professional emails, summarize content on any website, generate new content ideas, solve coding problems, and get answers to questions. It is available on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers and offers many features for free.

How does Merlin AI work?

Once installed as a Chrome extension on the browser, you can open Merlin AI Chatbot on any website using the shortcut: ctrl/ cmd+M. On specific websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Gmail, you would find Merlin buttons for easy access.

What is the difference between Merlin Teams and Merlin Pro Plans?

In Merlin Teams, you can buy a plan for your whole team and pay per use instead of a fixed number of queries. This means teams can save costs by distributing costs across users. Whereas Merlin Pro plans are ideal for solo users who don’t want to be limited in their daily use.

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