Fylm AI

Fylm AI

Fylm AI is an AI Powered tool designed to assist in image and video improvement (editing), this tool has a lot of features in it.

Fylm AI is the web’s most advanced color corrector. AI-powered, brilliant color grades effortlessly.

Fylm AI has been in existence for a long and has been used by big companies worldwide, it
offers you AI colorist models for those moments when you need a bit of help or inspiration. The  NeuralToneAI does the heavy lifting for you while you concentrate on the final touches. NeuralToneAI will even match shots for you. Save up to 90% of your time on establishing the show LUT.

Fylm AI offers an array of AI-powered tools. Fylm AI deep-learning neural network models, trained exclusively on millions of cinematic frames allow and give you the ability to grade effortlessly. Experience LUT creation the way it should be.

Fylm AI Features

  • NeuralToneAI: NeuralToneAI will do the heavy lifting for you
  • AI Colour Extract: Extract a color grade from any image
  • AI Colour Match: Automatic color matching
  • AI Auto Correct: Smart automatic color correction
  • Technical Colour Match: Advanced algorithm color matching
  • Magic Mode: The most intuitive way to color-grade
  • Subtractive color science
  • Subtractive color density

Fylm AI Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan: Single-user
  • Lite Plan: $5.75/month billed annually (For enthusiasts working solo on one project at a time)
  • Pro Plan: $15/month billed annually (For professionals working solo or in very small teams)
  • Team Plan: $30/month billed annually (For teams in need of absolute control and collaboration)

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