Eesel AI

Eesel AI

Eesel AI functions akin to ChatGPT specifically designed for your company’s expertise. Link it with your Google Docs, Notion, Confluence, support center, and more, and access a responsive “oracle” capable of promptly addressing any inquiry. Integrate it into Slack or feature it as a website widget.

What Can You Do With Eesel AI?

  • Ask a question, get an answer
  • It works with any app
  • You can add it to Slack or as a website widget
  • Automatic scraper
  • Private by design

What Are The Use Cases of Eesel AI?

  • People Ops: You can add it to your Slack and deflect common questions like “How do I expense” or “What is our study budget”
  • Sales: You can add it to your Slack so your Sales team can get instant answers to questions like “Does our product do X” or “What is the DPA template we should use”
  • Support Escalation:  You can add it to your Slack so your support team has an easy way to find relevant information and draft responses


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