Is there a tool that should be there on this website but isn’t?
Please share it here!

Please Read Before Submitting:

  1. Before submitting your tool, please check the website to make sure it isn’t already listed.
  2. On our website, we don’t curate newsletters. Only AI tools. Please don’t send in your newsletter.
  3. Before publishing a tool on AI Site Hub, we do manually review each one. Don’t send a tool with your affiliate link. It won’t be accepted. Avoid wasting time. Additionally, we won’t click on or comparable URLs. Only direct URLs, please!
  4. Don’t forget to put “https://” with your URL otherwise your site will not be reviewed.
  5. Don’t forget to put your AI Website URL in the description when filling the listing form, otherwise your site will not be reviewed.
  6. In the description section of the listing form, indicate the price model of your AI Tool e.g:
    • Free
    • Freemium
    • Paid
    • GitHub
    • Google Colab
    • Open Source

Note: We are searching for new AI applications and innovative tools. Poorly constructed websites, tools that have previously been made a thousand times, new tool aggregators, and websites with a spammy appearance won’t be accepted or approved on AI Site Hub.

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